Fish Fixe Shark Tank: The Success Story of a Seafood Company

Fish fixe appeared on shark tank in 2014, obtaining an investment of $75,000 from lori greiner in exchange for a 50% stake in the business. Fish fixe is a seafood meal delivery service that offers high-quality, sustainably sourced seafood that is frozen at peak freshness and shipped directly to the customer’s door.

The company was founded in 2012 by two brothers, derek and brett schuler, who were frustrated with the lack of easy access to high-quality seafood in their land-locked state of colorado. With a goal of creating a seafood delivery service that was both convenient and sustainable, the schuler brothers launched fish fixe and quickly gained a loyal following of seafood lovers across the country. Today, fish fixe continues to deliver top-quality seafood to customers nationwide, all while maintaining a focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Fish Fixe Shark Tank: The Success Story of a Seafood Company



The Fish Fixe Shark Tank Experience: An Introduction

Shark tank is one of the most popular tv shows that investors, entrepreneurs, and viewers love for its unique take on the business world. The show gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their ideas and products to a panel of wealthy investors, known as the “sharks.

“the sharks, in turn, offer to invest in these products or businesses in exchange for a stake in the company. One of the most exciting companies to have been featured on shark tank is fish fixe.

Brief Overview Of Fish Fixe

Fish fixe is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in selling premium seafood products. Since their creation in 2014, they have aimed to provide high-quality fish to customers across the country. With emphasis on freshness, sustainability, and purity, fish fixe has established itself as a brand with trust and integrity.

Fish Fixe’S Shark Tank Pitch

In season 7 of shark tank, the founders of fish fixe pitched their company to the sharks with the intention of securing an investment. There, they shared their passion for fresh seafood and the unique approach they take in sourcing their products.

Fish fixe even brought along with them a delectable selection of their fish and had the sharks sample them.

Fish Fixe And The Sharks’ Decision

The sharks were impressed by what fish fixe had to offer. The company had already established a solid customer base and had great potential for growth and expansion. Visibly impressed, lori greiner agreed to invest $150,000 into the company in exchange for a 33% stake.

This backing from a shark allowed fish fixe to take their business to the next level and expand their reach.

Fish fixe’s shark tank experience was a memorable one. Their demonstration of fresh, premium seafood products caught the sharks’ attention, resulting in an investment from lori greiner. Today, fish fixe has grown to become a reputable seafood brand, all thanks to their appearance on shark tank.

Fish Fixe: An Overview

Do you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of seafood companies? With so many options available, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. That’s where fish fixe comes in. This innovative seafood company is making waves in the industry thanks to its unique approach and commitment to quality.

Explain What Fish Fixe Is And What Sets It Apart From Other Seafood Companies

Fish fixe is a seafood delivery service that specializes in premium, sustainably-sourced fish and shellfish. But what really sets fish fixe apart from other seafood companies is its dedication to convenience and accessibility. With easy online ordering and nationwide shipping, fish fixe makes it easy for anyone to enjoy restaurant-quality seafood in the comfort of their own home.

Fish’S Fixe’S Mission And Values

At fish fixe, our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the finest, most sustainably sourced seafood possible. We believe that high-quality seafood should be accessible to everyone, and we’re committed to ensuring that our products are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly.

To achieve this goal, we partner with local fishermen and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and responsible fishing practices.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also prioritize customer satisfaction. We believe that the best seafood is fresh, delicious, and convenient, and we strive to provide all three to our customers with every order.

With fish fixe, you can trust that you’re getting nothing but the best when it comes to seafood. So why not give us a try and experience the fish fixe difference for yourself?

Shark Tank US | Lori Swoops In To Make Fish Fixe An Offer

The Shark Tank Pitch

Fish Fixe Shark Tank: The Shark Tank Pitch

Fish fixe landed a coveted spot on shark tank, an american tv show that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their product or service to a panel of successful business leaders and investors. The show provides business owners an exceptional platform to receive valuable feedback, as well as the potential to receive funding in exchange for equity in their company.

In this section, we’ll delve into the fish fixe shark tank pitch, the reaction of the sharks, and key points that emerged during the pitch.

Detail How Fish Fixe Got On The Show

Fish fixe founder, john ng, applied to go on the show in the hopes of gaining exposure for his business. After submitting the application form, which included a detailed explanation of his company and its revenue, he went through a rigorous selection process to earn a spot on season 12 of the show.

Fish fixe caught the attention of the show’s producers due to their unique business model. As a seafood meal kit delivery service, they sought investment and support to help scale their business.

Discuss The Pitch And How The Sharks Reacted

During the fish fixe shark tank pitch, ng highlighted the benefits of his company’s services and explained how their meals are healthier, cost-effective and easily accessible. The sharks were impressed with his pitch, specifically with the fact that fish fixe was able to retain their customers at a high rate.

Mark cuban was especially interested in the company’s ability to pivot and unite customers through virtual events. Guest shark, blake mycoskie, founder of toms shoes, also mentioned that he would be interested in partnering with fish fixe due to their strong social impact components.

Key Points From The Pitch

Key points during the fish fixe shark tank pitch that stood out to the sharks and viewers include:

  • Fish fixe is a convenient seafood meal kit delivery service that offers high quality meals and easy-to-follow recipes.
  • The company has an incredibly high customer retention rate
  • Fish fixe pivoted to include virtual events during covid-19 to provide cooking instruction and community to customers.
  • The product has strong social impact elements, including working with local fishermen and supporting oceana to protect and restore the world’s oceans.

Fish fixe’s shark tank pitch was a success. Their presentation effectively communicated the benefits they provide to customers, and the sharks responded positively, with multiple offers. We look forward to seeing how john ng and his team continue to grow their business, thanks to the support of shark tank.

The Benefits of The Shark Tank Effect

Fish fixe entered the shark tank in 2015 and left with a lucrative deal from kevin o’leary, the infamous “mr. Wonderful”. Since then, their sales and business have been booming, thanks to what is known as the shark tank effect.

In this section, we will explore the impact that the show had on fish fixe’s sales and exposure, as well as how they have leveraged this success to grow and expand their business.

Describe The Impact The Show Had on The Company’S Sales And Exposure

  • Fish fixe experienced an immediate boost in sales directly after their episode aired.
  • The shark tank effect resulted in millions of potential customers being exposed to their brand and product offerings.
  • The social media exposure from airing on the show resulted in increased followers and customer engagement.
  • Shark tank provides companies with long-lasting exposure due to reruns, youtube clips, and social media memes.

How Fish Fixe Leveraged The Shark Tank Effect To Grow And Expand Their Business?

  • Entering the shark tank provided instant credibility for fish fixe, leading to partnerships with big box retailers, including costco.
  • They used social media channels to interact with their new customers and build a community around their brand.
  • To capitalize on their success, fish fixe launched new product lines, including gluten-free options and seafood appetizers.
  • They leveraged their existing customer base to create a subscription-based service, making it easy for customers to have their products delivered right to their door.
  • Finally, fish fixe used the shark tank platform to generate media attention and establish themselves as a leading provider of high-quality seafood products.

Fish fixe has learned how to leverage the shark tank effect to grow and expand their business, while maintaining their high-quality products and customer service. The boost in sales and exposure has allowed them to take their business to the next level.

By understanding the impact of appearing on the show, they have effectively used their newfound exposure to drive continued success and expansion.

Marketing And Branding

Fish fixe shark tank was an instant hit and won backing from two sharks, garnering over $170,000 in investments. Their well-thought-out marketing and branding strategy played a massive role in their success.

Discuss Fish Fixe’S Branding Strategy And How It Played A Role In Their Success?

Fish fixe’s branding strategy revolved around creating a unique identity and setting it apart from the cluttered market. They placed great emphasis on their brand’s story and messaging, which helped them connect with their target audience, including busy families and working professionals.

  • Developing a minimalist and modern website design with high-quality imagery that appealed to their target audience
  • Using clear, concise and attention-grabbing language and graphics
  • Establishing a distinct tone to communicate their value proposition
  • Providing clear information to potential customers, such as recipes and nutritional information

The branding strategy adopted by fish fixe played a substantial role in their success, as it helped them build trust and credibility among their audience and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Emphasize The Company’S Marketing Efforts And How They Reached Out To New Customers?

Fish fixe’s marketing campaign focused on providing high-quality value propositions to customers, generating word-of-mouth referrals, and leveraging social media platforms to reach new customers.

  • Offering referral bonuses to their existing customers who bring in new clients
  • Creating strategic alliances with complementary businesses like gyms and fitness centres, that further promoted the business’ branding and outreach
  • Engaging with prospective customers through social media channels such as facebook, instagram and twitter
  • Creating promotional events such as tastings, contests and recipe exchanges to create brand awareness

These marketing efforts helped fish fixe reach out to new customers in an effective and organic way, creating brand buzz and increasing its customer base.

Fish fixe’s marketing and branding strategy played a crucial role in their success, as they helped the company establish a distinctive brand identity and reach out to new customers effectively. By focussing on storytelling, straightforward communication, and value-driven marketing, fish fixe was able to become a significant player in the crowded food delivery market.

The Competition

Fish Fixe Shark Tank: The Competition

As the seafood industry grows, competition is becoming more intense. This section will analyze the competitive landscape of the seafood industry and explain where fish fixe fits in. We will also detail how fish fixe differentiates itself from its competitors.

Analyze The Competitive Landscape of The Seafood Industry And Where Fish Fixe Fits In?

The seafood industry consists of a variety of players, including big-box retailers, grocery stores, independent fishmongers, and direct-to-consumer companies. The industry also includes a variety of products, like fresh, frozen, canned, and smoked seafood, as well as specialty products like sushi-grade fish and caviar.

Fish fixe enters the market as a direct-to-consumer seafood club that specializes in flash-frozen, sustainably sourced seafood. By offering high-quality seafood that can be delivered to a customer’s door, fish fixe is differentiating itself from the competition.

Detail How Fish Fixe Differentiates Itself From Its Competitors?

Fish fixe’s unique value proposition centers around three key areas:

  • Quality: fish fixe only sells sustainably sourced, flash-frozen seafood that is free from preservatives, additives, and antibiotics. By offering high-quality seafood that is both healthy and environmentally conscious, fish fixe differentiates itself from competitors that may prioritize convenience or price over quality.
  • Convenience: fish fixe offers doorstep delivery, taking the hassle out of going to a fishmonger or grocery store. Additionally, fish fixe’s seafood is pre-portioned and easy to prepare, making it simple for customers to cook seafood meals at home.
  • Education: fish fixe offers educational resources to its customers, helping them to understand where their seafood comes from and how to prepare it. This unique emphasis on education sets fish fixe apart from competitors that may not provide this level of transparency.

Fish fixe is a direct-to-consumer seafood club that differentiates itself in the competitive seafood industry by providing high-quality, sustainably sourced seafood that is convenient and easy to prepare, as well as offering education and transparency to its customers.


Fish fixe, the frozen fish meal delivery service, appeared on shark tank in season 9, and its founder, monique nickerson, managed to snag a $75,000 investment from one of the show’s investors. The show, which has aired since 2009, has become known as an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for funding, mentorship, and exposure.

The show, which is watched by millions of viewers, has fostered the growth of numerous successful companies. So, how has fish fixe benefited from its appearance on shark tank, and what can other entrepreneurs take away from its experience?

The Fish Fixe Shark Tank Story And How The Company Has Benefited From The Show?

  • During season 9 of shark tank, monique nickerson, the founder of fish fixe, appeared on the show and obtained a $75,000 investment.
  • The investment came from mark cuban, an investor who has been a frequent guest on the show.
  • The funding allowed fish fixe to improve its supply chain and expand its customer base by reaching more people.
  • The show has given fish fixe valuable exposure and credibility, which has helped the company secure other opportunities, such as partnerships with grocery stores.

Offer Key Takeaways And Insights For Other Entrepreneurs on How to Use The Shark Tank Effect To Their Advantage?

  • Be prepared: before appearing on shark tank, entrepreneurs must have a clear vision for their business and be able to articulate it clearly. They should also have a solid growth plan in place and be able to answer tough questions.
  • Understand the investment opportunity: entrepreneurs must understand what they are giving up in exchange for the investment and be realistic about the potential outcome.
  • Leverage the exposure: being on shark tank gives companies tremendous exposure, which can be leveraged to gain new customers, partnerships, and media attention.
  • Follow through: companies that appear on shark tank must be prepared to follow through on their commitments and capitalize on the opportunities that come their way.

Overall, fish fixe’s appearance on shark tank has proven to be a significant milestone for the company. It has attracted new customers, improved its supply chain, and created new opportunities in the market. Entrepreneurs who are considering a shark tank appearance must be prepared, understand the investment opportunity, leverage the exposure, and follow through on their commitments to make the most of this opportunity.


Fish fixe is a perfect example of how an entrepreneur can take an idea and turn it into a successful business with determination and hard work. The fish fixe company has managed to fill a gap in the market by offering quick and easy gourmet seafood kits that are both sustainable and delicious.

By appearing on shark tank, they were able to gain invaluable exposure and secure critical investment funds to expand their enterprise further. The company’s mission is to make seafood accessible to everyone while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Fish fixe is showing tremendous potential and will likely continue to disrupt the seafood industry by providing high-quality products to consumers.

As the company expands, it’s exciting to see how they will continue to innovate and improve the seafood industry, offering delicious and sustainable options for all seafood lovers. Fish fixe has shown that with hard work and determination, any idea can become a reality, and with the right support and investment, it can be transformed into a thriving business.