Do Angelfish Eat Snails?

Yes, angelfish do eat snails. Angels are omnivorous and will consume both plant and animal matter. In the wild they feed on small crustaceans, worms, insects, insect larvae, planktonic organisms and algae but in captivity they can also be fed a variety of prepared foods such as pellets or flakes.

Snails are one of the items that angelfish may readily consume in an aquarium setting if given the opportunity.

They’ll usually start by eating smaller species like pond snails before moving onto larger ones like mystery snails or rabbit snails. It’s important to monitor their intake though as overfeeding can lead to health problems for your fish.

Angelfish are known to be peaceful, community-oriented fish. However, they can also have a bit of an appetite for snails! Although not all angelfish will eat snails, some do enjoy the occasional snack.

To keep your snail-eating angelfish happy and healthy, it is important to provide them with live foods such as brine shrimp or bloodworms in addition to their regular diet of flakes or pellets.

If you want to feed them snails, make sure you monitor their consumption and only give a small amount at one time so that your tank does not become overrun by these slimy creatures!

Do Angelfish Eat Mystery Snails?

Angelfish are omnivores, meaning they will eat both plant and animal matter. When it comes to Mystery Snails, Angelfish are known to snack on them if given the opportunity.

While Mystery Snails may not be their preferred food source, they can make a tasty treat for your Angelfish – just make sure you provide a variety of other foods as well!

Do Angelfish Eat Baby Snails?

Angelfish are omnivorous, which means they feed on both plant and animal matter. They can eat a variety of food items such as flakes, pellets, bloodworms and other meaty foods. Angelfish will also consume snails – including baby snails – in the wild.

In captivity, it is best to supplement their diet with occasional treats like frozen or freeze-dried baby brine shrimp or small pieces of blanched vegetables like zucchini for some added variety.

Do Angelfish Eat Snail Eggs?

Angelfish can eat snail eggs if they are small enough. However, it is not a usual diet for them and they do not specifically target the eggs of snails when looking for food. Angelfish prefer to feed on algae, brine shrimp, insect larvae or flakes in an aquarium environment.

It is important to provide a balanced diet for your angelfish that includes all these food sources as well as occasional treats such as frozen bloodworms or live mosquito larvae.

Do Angelfish Eat Bladder Snails?

Angelfish will eat bladder snails if they are small enough to fit in their mouths. However, larger angelfish may ignore the snails or just nip at them without consuming them, as the hard shell of a bladder snail makes it difficult for an angelfish to bite through and get to the contents inside.

As such, hobbyists should be careful when introducing bladder snails into tanks with large angelfish and must assess their tankmates’ size before adding any potential prey items.

Do Angelfish Eat Ramshorn Snails?

Angelfish are generally not considered to be good candidates for controlling the population of Ramshorn snails, as they may not eat them.

Angelfish prefer a diet that includes invertebrates such as brine shrimp and bloodworms, in addition to plant-based foods like algae wafers.

If you decide to keep angelfish and Ramshorn snails together, it is important to provide plenty of hiding places and food sources so that the snails can avoid predation by the angel fish.

Do Angelfish Eat Shrimp?

Angelfish absolutely love shrimp! They are carnivorous and feed primarily on small crustaceans like shrimp, as well as other aquatic invertebrates.

When feeding your angelfish, it is best to provide them with a variety of foods including flakes, freeze-dried krill or bloodworms and live brine shrimp.

Angelfish will clean the tank by searching for leftover bits of food and also enjoy eating algae off plants in the tank.

Do Plecos Eat Snails?

Plecos are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter. While their diet mainly consists of algae, plecos will also consume small insects, detritus, and other bits of organic material found in their environment.

In some cases, plecos may even eat snails depending on the size of the snail relative to that of the pleco’s mouth.

Mystery Snails And Angelfish

Mystery snails and angelfish are two popular aquarium inhabitants, each with their own unique traits. Mystery snails are freshwater aquatic snails that come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, red, blue and yellow.

They generally stay small (1-2 inches) and can live up to 2 years in captivity when cared for properly.

Angelfish on the other hand are tropical fish that reach 4-6 inches long and can live for several years if provided with adequate care.

Both species require similar water parameters such as pH levels between 6.5-7.5 and temperatures ranging from 72-82°F (22 – 28°C). When kept together they make a beautiful addition to any tank set up!

Do Angelfish Eat Snails


Are Angelfish Good With Snails?

Yes, angelfish are a good fish to have with snails. They tend to leave the snails alone and won’t bother them unless they’re very hungry. In fact, having an angelfish in your tank can help keep the snail population under control since they will eat any extra or smaller snails that may be in the tank.

However, it’s important to make sure there is plenty of food for all inhabitants of your aquarium so you don’t end up overfeeding one species while starving another.

Because angelfish are often larger than other fish in an aquarium setting, it’s also important to make sure there is adequate space for them as well as hiding places where more timid creatures can hide from their larger tank mates if need be.

When introducing new animals into an existing ecosystem like this one, patience and observation are key so that changes can be made quickly if needed.

What Eats Snails in a Fish Tank?

Snails are a common addition to many home aquariums, and while they may provide an interesting and attractive display, they can also multiply quickly if left unchecked.

Fortunately, there are several fish species that will happily feed on snails in the tank. The most popular snail-eating fish is the clown loach (Botia macracantha).

They have the voracious appetite for snails and can consume up to two dozen per day. Other options include pufferfish, cichlids such as angelfish and discus, as well as some larger catfish like plecostomus or redtail sharks.

These fish should be chosen carefully since some of them grow quite large and may become aggressive towards smaller inhabitants of your tank.

It’s also important to make sure any new additions are compatible with existing species in the aquarium before adding them – otherwise you could end up with an unbalanced ecosystem that leads to stress or disease for all involved!

What Fish Can You Not Keep With Angelfish?

When it comes to tank mates for angelfish, there are a few fish species that should be avoided. Generally speaking, angelfish prefer living in peaceful communities and can become easily stressed when forced to live with aggressive or territorial tankmates. Therefore, it is important to know which fish you should not keep with your angelfish.

In general, any species of large cichlids – such as Jack Dempseys and Texas Cichlids – should not be kept with angelfish due to their size and aggressiveness. Other predatory species such as barbs or tigerfish can also cause too much stress for the angelic creatures, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Many smaller varieties of tetra can end up becoming dinner if placed in the same tank as an angelfish; so these types of fish are best left out altogether.

Ultimately, when choosing compatible tankmates for your beloved angels, try sticking with other calm community-friendly species like gouramis or Corydoras catfish that won’t compete over food nor territory in the aquarium environment.

This way your angels will have plenty of room to school together peacefully without being disturbed by more aggressive tankmates!

Do Any Fish Eat the Pest Snails?

Yes, some fish species are known to eat pest snails. In the aquarium hobby, assassin snails and certain loaches are popular snail-eating fish.

Assassin snails will happily consume any small size of pest snail they can find in an aquarium, including pond or Malaysian trumpet snails as well as ramshorn and bladder snails.

Other popular options for controlling pest snails include kuhli loaches who won’t eat the larger species of pond or Malaysian trumpet but will devour smaller ramshorn and bladder varieties.

It is important to note that both groups (assassin and loach) may not be suitable for all tanks due to their potential size, bioload requirements and compatibility with other tank mates.

Therefore it is best to research each individual species before introducing them into your tank environment.


In conclusion, angelfish are a great choice of pet if you’re looking for something unusual and interesting to keep in your aquarium.

While they can eat snails, it is not recommended that you feed them as part of their regular diet due to the potential health risks associated with it.

Angelfish have plenty of other dietary options available and will benefit from a varied diet that meets their nutritional needs.