Is Atlanta Aquarium the Largest in the World?

No, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is not the largest aquarium in the world. It is actually third on the list of largest aquariums based on total water volume behind Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Hengqin, China and Marine Life Park in Singapore. The Georgia Aquarium holds an impressive 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater with more than 100,000 animals from 500 species including beluga whales, whale sharks, bottlenose dolphins and African penguins.

It also offers educational programs for school-aged children as well as a 3D theater showing films about marine life conservation. While it isn’t the biggest aquarium in terms of size or capacity, it’s still one of the most popular tourist attractions in Atlanta due to its unique exhibits and interactive experiences.

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one of the largest aquariums in the world. With over 8 million gallons of water, it contains more than 100,000 aquatic animals from 500 different species. The aquarium has several main attractions including a giant ocean tank with four whale sharks and manta rays, as well as touch tanks filled with stingrays and other sea creatures.

There are also unique exhibits featuring African penguins and dolphins that allow you to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or simply want to enjoy some quality time with your family, the Georgia Aquarium is sure to provide a memorable experience!

Is Atlanta Aquarium the Largest in the World


Which is the Largest Aquarium in the World?

The largest aquarium in the world is located in Georgia, USA and is known as the Georgia Aquarium. Opened to the public in 2005, this massive facility houses more than 10 million gallons of water and over 100,000 animals including whale sharks, beluga whales and sea otters. The main attraction at Georgia Aquarium is its enormous Ocean Voyager exhibit which features one of the world’s largest single aquarium tanks with 6.3 million gallons of water—making it almost five times larger than any other aquarium tank on earth!

This impressive display also boasts an incredible variety of marine life from rare fish species such as Japanese spider crabs to large predators like hammerhead sharks. In addition to its huge collection of aquatic creatures, visitors can also explore interactive exhibits that allow them to get up close and personal with some of their favorite animals or even go behind-the-scenes for a closer look at how these amazing creatures are cared for day-to-day. With so much to see and do at Georgia Aquarium, it’s no wonder why it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Atlanta since opening just over 15 years ago!

What is the 2Nd Biggest Aquarium in the World?

The second largest aquarium in the world is the S.E.A Aquarium, located at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. With a total area of 49,000 square meters (530,000 sq ft), it is one of the world’s largest oceanariums and showcases more than 100,000 marine animals from over 800 species across 12 distinct zones for visitors to explore and enjoy. These include an Open Ocean habitat with sharks; a Strait of Karimata & Java Sea habitat featuring manta rays; and a Predator Tank where guests can observe large predators like hammerhead sharks up close.

The aquarium also features interactive activities such as scuba diving experiences, animal feeding sessions with trainers, behind-the-scenes tours led by expert guides and educational programmes designed to raise awareness on conservation issues facing our oceans today.

Which City Has the Largest Aquarium in the World?

The largest aquarium in the world is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 animals from 500 different species and covers an area of more than 10 million gallons. It was opened in 2005 and has been a major attraction ever since.

Visitors can explore eight galleries featuring aquatic habitats from all over the world ranging from fresh water rivers to coral reef systems. In addition to these huge exhibits, there are also smaller ones including touch pools with stingrays and sharks as well as interactive displays for younger visitors. This incredible place also hosts educational programs such as sleepovers and behind-the-scenes tours which give visitors a unique look into how their favorite sea creatures live.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out or just want to learn something new about marine life, the Georgia Aquarium has it all!

What is the World’S Largest Aquarium in the Us?

The world’s largest aquarium in the United States is located at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. With more than 10 million gallons of water and over 100,000 animals from 500 species, this aquarium is a must-see destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty and diversity of aquatic life. Featuring exhibits like “Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone” that allow visitors to interact with sea creatures up close and personal as well as impressive shows featuring dolphins and other marine mammals, it provides an unforgettable experience for all ages.

In addition to its many attractions, the Georgia Aquarium also offers educational programs such as classes on conservation efforts and environmental awareness. Whether you’re a fan of marine biology or just want to spend some time exploring something beautiful and unique, make sure your next visit includes a trip to the world’s largest aquarium in the US – The Georgia Aquarium!

Georgia Aquarium Largest aquarium in the world Atlanta 4k Attractions

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is the largest aquarium in the United States. It contains more than 10 million gallons of water and more than 100,000 animals from 500 different species. Visitors to the aquarium can experience interactive exhibits ranging from a touch pool to four whale sharks.

The mission of the Georgia Aquarium is to inspire for aquatic conservation through education and research as well as provide unprecedented access to its attractions.

Atlanta Aquarium Tickets

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one of the world’s largest aquariums and a must-see attraction for visitors to the city. Admission tickets can be purchased online or at the gate, with several levels available that include single day passes, combination packages with other attractions, annual memberships and even special event experiences. Prices vary depending on what package you choose but all will provide access to stunning exhibits featuring over 100,000 aquatic animals from around the globe.

How Big is the Georgia Aquarium Whale Shark Tank

The whale shark tank at the Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest in the world, measuring a whopping 6.3 million gallons. It is 360 feet long, 130 feet wide, and 30 feet deep—making it big enough to fit five large whale sharks comfortably! The exhibit also features over 100 other species of fish, such as manta rays and hammerhead sharks, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Georgia Aquarium Hours

The Georgia Aquarium is open 365 days a year and offers extended hours on the weekends. During the week, the aquarium is open from 10am to 5pm, while on Saturday it’s open from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. The last ticket sale for entry into the aquarium is one hour prior to closing each day.

Largest Aquarium in the World Bursts

The world’s largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, recently suffered a burst that forced it to close its doors for repairs. The break was caused by an equipment failure and resulted in flooding throughout the facility’s Ocean Voyager exhibit, which contained more than 100,000 gallons of water. Fortunately, none of the animals were harmed during the incident and emergency personnel were able to contain and clean up most of the spilled water quickly.

The aquarium is currently closed while maintenance crews work to repair any damaged equipment and replace any lost water before reopening to visitors later this year.

Largest Aquarium in the World

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia is the largest aquarium in the world. It has more than 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater tanks holding more than 100,000 animals representing 500 species from around the world. Visitors can enjoy a variety of interactive programs, animal encounters, and educational experiences that make it one of the most popular attractions in America.

Biggest Aquarium in Europe

The largest aquarium in Europe is located at Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain. It has a total of 45 million liters of water and 42,000 animals of 500 different species. Visitors can explore the 10 different habitats that make up the aquarium including Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical displays.

The impressive facility also houses an IMAX theater where visitors can watch 3D movies about sea life and its conservation.


In conclusion, the Atlanta Aquarium is an impressive feat of engineering and aquatic management. It has been widely acclaimed as one of the best aquariums in the world, although its exact size ranking among other large aquariums remains a subject of debate. Regardless, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to view some of the most beautiful and diverse marine life from around the globe in one place.

Whether or not it is officially deemed as “the largest” aquarium in the world, Atlanta Aquarium certainly deserves recognition for its ambitious vision and dedication to providing education about aquatic ecosystems to millions of guests each year.