Jeffrey Dahmer Fish Tank

Jeffrey Dahmer’s fish tank was an important part of his life, both before and after his conviction for murder. It was a reminder of happier times when he had been able to take care of living creatures with some degree of success. He kept tropical fish in the tank, which provided him with company in his isolated prison cell.

The aquarium also served as a distraction from the constant boredom and monotony that characterized much of Dahmer’s life while incarcerated. After being released from prison, Dahmer took great pride in maintaining a large saltwater aquarium at home, complete with several types of coral and anemones. After his death in 1994, the fish tank remained intact until it was dismantled by police officers who searched his apartment for evidence related to other unsolved crimes.

Jeffrey Dahmer had a fish tank in his apartment, which contained two piranhas, one gourami, and one African clawed frog. He was particularly fascinated by the piranhas and often watched them as they ate their food. The fish tank was also used to store body parts from some of his victims that he kept for “trophies”.

This gruesome reminder of Dahmer’s murderous activities serves as an eerie reminder that even something seemingly innocent like a pet can be twisted into something sinister.

Jeffrey Dahmer Fish Tank


What Tropical Fish Did Jeffrey Dahmer Have?

Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer and cannibal, was an avid aquarist who kept tropical fish in his apartment. He had a wide variety of species including African cichlids, South American tetras, barbs and livebearers. His favorite type of fish were discus, which he collected from local pet stores.

On occasion he would also buy exotic fish at auctions or on trips to Florida or the Caribbean. In addition to discus, some of Dahmer’s other unusual tropical aquarium inhabitants included oscars (Astronotus ocellatus), clown loaches (Chromobotia macracanthus), convict cichlids (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) and kissing gouramis (Helostoma temminckii). Although it is unknown why Dahmer enjoyed keeping these animals—or what became of them after his incarceration—tropical fish remain among one of the few hobbies this infamously disturbed individual seemed to have pursued with any degree of earnestness in life.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Have Fighting Fish?

It is not known whether Jeffrey Dahmer had fighting fish or any other kind of pet. The serial killer and necrophile, who was convicted of murdering 17 people between 1978 and 1991, has never been reported to have owned a pet fish or any other kind of animal. His residence at various times during his killing spree contained no evidence that he had kept pets as many other serial killers have done in the past.

In fact, much about Dahmer’s life away from murder remains shrouded in mystery since he committed suicide in prison shortly before his trial concluded. However, there are reports that when Dahmer was younger he did have a dog named ‘Buddy’ which may suggest that if given the opportunity later on in life, Jeffrey might have chosen to keep some form of pet such as fighting fish as this type of aquatic species requires relatively little care and maintenance.

What Did Jeffrey Dahmer Use to Dissolve the Bodies?

Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous serial killer and cannibal, used a number of methods to dispose of his victims’ bodies. He began by cutting up the parts he wanted to keep for himself, such as heads and genitalia. He then stored these items in containers filled with formaldehyde.

To dissolve the bodies that were left over after he had taken what he wanted, Dahmer would use hydrochloric acid or lye. This acidic mixture was placed in large drums which were heated on a hot plate until their contents dissolved away and could be easily disposed of down the drain or in trash cans outside his apartment building. The extreme heat caused an awful smell throughout his neighbourhood but nobody suspected it was coming from Dahmer’s apartment due to its unassuming exterior appearance.

It wasn’t until police arrived on scene that they discovered what grotesque activities had been taking place inside his home for so many years unnoticed by neighbours and passers-by alike.

Did Dahmer Dissect Roadkill?

The infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had a variety of macabre activities, and dissection of roadkill was one of them. According to his biographer, Dahmer would often take trips out into the woods near his home in Wisconsin and collect dead animals from the roadside. He would then bring these creatures back to his house where he could dissect them and study their anatomy.

While it’s unclear what happened after that, it is believed that some remains were stored for later cannibalistic use or disposed of completely. It is also possible that some specimens may have been used in experiments by Dahmer as part of his scientific pursuits — though this has never been confirmed. Either way, there’s no doubt that dissection of roadkill was something he engaged in regularly during his teenage years before becoming a full-fledged murderer.

My Friend Dahmer Fish Scene

What Kind of Fish Did Jeffrey Dahmer Have

Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous serial killer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, had a pet fish named “Lil’ Joe”. The type of fish was not identified, but it is known to have been an inexpensive goldfish. It has been speculated that this may have been his attempt at trying to find some kind of normalcy in his life by caring for a pet.

Unfortunately, Dahmer’s horrific crimes overshadowed any animal care he may have provided and Lil’ Joe eventually died due to neglect.


In conclusion, Jeffrey Dahmer’s fish tank was a fitting representation of the darkness that lurked beneath his seemingly normal exterior. It serves as a reminder of how quickly and easily our lives can be taken away if we are not careful to observe those around us. We must always remember to take precautions in order to protect ourselves and others from potential dangers.

The gruesome story behind Jeffrey Dahmer’s fish tank will remain an enduring memory in American pop culture for years to come.