Red Robin Gourami vs Other Gourami: What Sets Them Apart?

The Red Robin Gourami is a species of freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. It belongs to the family Osphronemidae and is known for its bright red coloration and long, flowing fins. The body of the fish can reach up to 6 inches in length and it typically has an oval shape.

Its head is quite large compared to other gouramis, giving it a distinctive look. They prefer slow-moving waters with plenty of vegetation or hiding places, like caves and driftwood.

When kept in aquariums they should be provided with at least 10 gallons per adult specimen along with plenty of live plants; Red Robins are also known as peaceful community fish, so they can be housed alongside other non-aggressive species without any issues.

In terms of diet, these gouramis mostly feed on small crustaceans such as brine shrimp or bloodworms but may also sample flakes from time to time if given the opportunity.

The Red Robin Gourami is a stunning freshwater fish that can bring an exotic flair to any aquarium. This species of gourami has vivid red coloring and black stripes down their body, which makes for a beautiful display in the tank.

The Red Robin Gourami is also known for its peaceful nature, making them easy to keep with other compatible fish in your community setup!

They require plenty of hiding spots and swimming areas within the tank so they feel safe and secure this provides them with enough space to explore while keeping up their active lifestyle.

Red Robin Gourami


How Big Do Red Robin Gouramis Get?

Red Robin Gouramis are a type of freshwater fish known for their vibrant red and blue stripes. They belong to the family Osphronemidae and are native to Southeast Asia, where they inhabit streams, rivers, ditches, ponds, and other slow-moving bodies of water.

These small fish typically reach only three inches in length when fully grown making them an ideal choice for smaller aquariums or community tanks.

While Red Robin Gouramis can reach up to four inches in some rare cases, it is not advised as this could cause stress on the individual fish or overcrowding if there are too many living together in one tank.

The best way to ensure your Red Robin Gouramis remain healthy is by keeping them at the recommended size of three inches or less; any larger than that will reduce their lifespan considerably due to poor health conditions.

What is the difference between Red Robin Gourami and Honey Gourami?

The red robin gourami and honey gourami are two distinct species of freshwater fish found in the family Osphronemidae. Both of these fish are popular aquarium inhabitants, however they have several notable differences that set them apart.

The most noticeable difference is their colouration; the red robin gourami has a bright orange-red body with vertical black stripes running from its head to its tail fin, while the honey gourami is much paler in hue, often golden yellow or beige in colouration with darker patches along its sides and fins.

In terms of size, the red robin can reach up to 6 inches long when fully grown while the honey gourami only grows up to 4 inches long.

Additionally, while both species prefer heavily planted tanks with plenty of hiding spots and floating plants for cover, they do require different water parameters.

Red Robins do best at temperatures between 75°F-82°F (24°C-28°C) and pH levels between 6.0–7.5 whereas Honey Gouramis thrive in cooler waters ranging from 72°F-78°F (22ºC-26ºC) and slightly higher pH levels around 7.0–7.5 on average.

Lastly, it’s important to note that even though Red Robin Gouramis can be kept together peacefully in a group setting without too much aggression towards each other, Honey Gouramis should not be kept together due to their territorial nature which may lead to aggressive behaviour if more than one individual is present in an aquarium environment.

How Big Do Red Gourami Fish Get?

The Red Gourami is a species of fish that originates from freshwater streams and lakes throughout Southeast Asia. It’s an attractive fish with its red-orange coloring, which makes it popular in the aquarium trade. But how big do these fish get?

Red Gouramis can reach sizes up to 6 inches long when fully grown, though they are usually between 4 to 5 inches in length. They have been known to grow even larger in some cases, reaching lengths of 8 inches or more!

This size range makes them ideal for relatively large tanks and allows plenty of room for them to explore their environment. When kept in smaller tanks, they may become stressed due to lack of space.

As well as having difficulty finding places to hide when feeling threatened. With proper care and maintenance, however, these beautiful little fish can make wonderful additions to any home aquarium!

What is the Least Aggressive Gourami?

The least aggressive gourami is the Honey Gourami. It is a peaceful fish that can get along with most other tropical fish as long as they’re not too large or very active.

This type of gourami is small and only grows to about 3 inches when fully grown, making it ideal for smaller aquariums.

Its natural habitat includes shallow streams and ponds in Southeast Asia where it feeds on insect larvae, worms, crustaceans, and plant matter such as algae.

The Honey Gourami has an attractive yellow coloration with black stripes running horizontally down its body which makes it quite beautiful to look at when swimming around the tank.

Due to its peaceful nature and size, this type of gourami is often recommended for beginner aquarists who are just starting out in the hobby or those looking for a relatively low-maintenance pet fish that won’t cause any trouble with other species living in their aquariums.

How Many Red Honey Gouramis Should Be Kept Together?

When it comes to keeping red honey gouramis together, the general rule is that you should have a minimum of two per tank. This will help keep them from becoming stressed and aggressive with one another due to lack of companionship.

Red honey gouramis are active fish and thrive in groups, so having more than two can be even better for their overall health and well-being.

It’s important not to overcrowd your aquarium though as this could lead to fighting among them or poor water quality which could also affect their health.

A good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per every inch of fish, so if you plan on keeping four red honey gouramis then you need an aquarium that can hold at least 12 gallons (4 inches x 3 gallons = 12 gallons).

You should also make sure there are plenty of hiding places available in the tank such as rocks, plants or other decorations which will allow the fish some areas where they can feel secure when needed.

Taking these steps will ensure your red honey gourami family has all the space and resources it needs for a healthy life!

Red Honey Gourami (Trichogaster chuna) “Quarantined”

Thick Lipped Sunset Gourami

The Thick Lipped Sunset Gourami (Trichopodus lipoceros) is a tropical freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia, where they inhabit small ponds and slow-moving streams.

They feature signature thick lips that can be used for grazing on algae and other small food items, as well as distinctive red and orange coloration along their bodies with darker spots or stripes.

In captivity, these fish are relatively easy to care for and make good aquarium companions when kept in groups of five or more.

Dwarf Gourami Trichogaster Lalius

The Dwarf Gourami Trichogaster Lalius is a vibrant and attractive freshwater fish originating from the waterways of India and Pakistan. It has a unique feature in that its males are brightly colored, often exhibiting shades of blue, orange, or white atop a black stripe running along their body.

The females usually lack this vivid coloring and instead have more subtle hues such as yellow or brown. With an average size of about 2 inches in length, these petite fish make for great additions to any aquarium!

Wild Type Honey Gourami

The Wild Type Honey Gourami (Trichogaster chuna) is a stunning tropical fish that comes from the rivers and streams of India. It has an iridescent golden-yellow body with horizontal black stripes, giving it a unique striped pattern.

This species has been selectively bred over time to produce several different color variants such as the Opaline Gourami, Red Fire Gourami, Sunrise Gourami and more.

In the aquarium hobby, these fish are popular for their peaceful nature and vibrant colors. They can reach up to 3 inches in length when fully grown and do best when kept in pairs or small groups in well-oxygenated tanks with plenty of hiding spots and vegetation.

Thick Lipped Gourami

Thick Lipped Gourami are a popular freshwater fish species known for their vibrant coloration and peaceful nature. They make excellent aquarium inhabitants, as they are relatively easy to care for and can live up to 10 years with proper water conditions and diet.

Thick Lipped Gouramis are available for sale in pet stores, online retailers, or even through private breeders if you’re lucky enough to find one!

Honey Gourami (Petsmart)

The Honey Gourami is a popular freshwater aquarium fish that can be found for sale at Petsmart. This species of gourami is known for its beautiful golden yellow coloration and peaceful demeanor, making it perfect for the home aquarist who wants an attractive and low-maintenance pet. With proper tank care, the Honey Gourami can live up to 5 years!

Best Food for Honey Gourami

Honey Gourami are omnivorous, so they can benefit from a variety of foods. The best food for Honey Gourami is high-quality flakes or pellets that contain both plant and animal proteins.

Live or frozen foods such as bloodworms, daphnia, and mosquito larvae can also provide them with additional nutrition.

It’s important to feed your Honey Gourami in small amounts multiple times per day to ensure their diet is balanced throughout the day.

Gourami Labyrinth Fish

Gourami Labyrinth Fish are a family of fish that have evolved to live in oxygen-poor waters. They can breathe air from the surface of the water using their specialized labyrinth organs, which makes them ideal for aquariums with poor aeration systems.

Gouramis come in a variety of colors and shapes, ranging from vibrant blues and greens to deep red and yellow hues. These fish typically grow to be between two and six inches long, making them an ideal size for many home aquariums.

Are Red Honey Gouramis Aggressive?

Red Honey Gouramis are typically peaceful fish, and they rarely show aggression towards other tankmates. These species of gourami prefer to live in pairs or small groups, though it is important to note that more than two males can result in territorial behavior.

It’s best for the aquarium owner to keep an eye on these fish when introducing them into a community tank as some specimens may be more aggressive than others.


The Red Robin Gourami is a unique species of fish that can make an excellent addition to any home aquarium. With its bright colors and active swimming, the Red Robin Gourami will add both beauty and entertainment to your tank.

As long as you provide them with plenty of space, hiding places, and good water quality, these peaceful fish can thrive in many different habitats.

This hardy species has been around for centuries and is sure to remain popular among aquarists for years to come!