Everything you wanted to know about 120 gallon aquariums and were afraid to ask!

Choosing the best 120 gallon aquarium that fits your space and budget is critical. You won’t know which model is best for you until you grasp its pros and cons.To help you find the right size aquarium for your needs.

A 120 gallon tank capable of holding saltwater fish is ideal for beginners interested in freshwater fish care.When choosing an aquarium, the most important thing is to choose the right size tank for the type of fish you will be keeping.The size of your tank will depend on how much space you have in your home or office and whether or not you have specific needs like temperature control.

Many individuals find fish tanks to be soothing pieces of art, and they like this activity and experience very much.Larger aquariums are an example that, with the capability of the best 120 gallon fish tank, will constantly be the center of attraction in any space.

You can combine your choice of fish with aquascaping.You can think of a piece of art that will please you and make you happy.It is a wonderful concept that there are many resources available today that you may consider and purchase to help you turn your vision for a fish tank into a reality.

You must investigate everything in great detail, and you will undoubtedly find the greatest 120 gal aquariums.
The fish and plants within a filter are just as crucial as the filter itself. You have to find the right aquarium accessories to suit your needs.

1. SC Aquariums 120 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium 48x24x24 12mm Eurobraced with Built-in Overflow Box 

The Best Features:

Dimensions are excellent.

Protected with Euro-bracing.

Starfire Low Iron Glass

Since 2006, SC Aquarium has sold thousands of aquariums. Starfire glass is American-made. This glass improves visibility. Your colorful fish on a black background creates an aquamarine scene. 120! obvious seams, glass.

I used PVC and an existing return pump. Despite the sand cloud, it’s progressing. The Starfire Glass Aquarium looked great. It’s well-made. The lid revealed a beautiful tank. It was expected. It was well packaged in foam.

120 Starfire drilled for the middle synergy ghost overflow. Starfire Glass makes fish and marine life aquariums. smaller. OK, Hexagonal and spherical are complementary. This tank’s front is glass and pipe.

Change the interior design by removing the black silicone background. You’ll need to find a stand for this aquarium. Aquarists who want more than fish-induced calm want this. It’s creative.

Beautiful colors, ample space, clean lines, and easy maintenance highlight the tank. These inexpensive fish tanks are great for hobbyists. They’re easy to maintain, have natural light, and can hold live and dead plants.

This aquarium is top-notch. The 120 gallon tank holds 7 gallon fish. Beautiful is how SC Aquariums describes their 120 gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium. The aquarium’s heavy-duty cabinet displays equipment.

The aquarium’s colors pop in Starfire glass. This aquarium’s high-quality materials ensure fish health. An easy-to-clean interior, overflow box, and plumbing kit come with this Starfire glass aquarium. ideal for a fish tank. 48″ by 24″ and 9 mm thick.

The LED strip lighting keeps the aquarium from being too bright or too dark. You’ll need to find a stand for this aquarium. Aquarists who want more than fish-induced calm want this. It’s creative. This guide should help you choose a 120 gal fish tank. Maintain your fish tank for a stunning view at home or work.

What would motivate you to purchase a best 120 gallon aquarium?

Because a well-stocked aquarium must be spacious, impressive, easy to see, and admired, regardless of the fish it holds. A gallon of this size can house small fish up to 18″ Pleco or 14″ Oscar in optimal conditions.

This aquarium is 46cm x 152cm x 66cm. They’re usually rectangular, making them stable and safe for fish and the environment. The weight and size of fish tanks affect maintenance time. The fish tank’s price and maintenance are higher, but it’s worth it. A well-kept fish tank will enhance your home’s decor.

Pros: Low-iron glass provides a crystal-clear view of the outside world. Glass that is scratch-resistant and fading-resistant. This tank is compatible with a well-known canister filter. Heavy-duty hinges for a secure seal. A spill-proof overflow box. Empire USA has 3453 ratings with a 91% positive year-to-date.

Cons: It is not equipped with a stand and must be bought separately.

Fish Tank Stand for a 120 Gallon Aquarium That Is Essential:

Unless the aquarium comes with a stand, you may want to consider purchasing one separately.

You wouldn’t want to put your aquarium directly on the floor or a table, especially one of this size.

A stand is meant to hold big aquariums and shield them from the elements. If you already have a homemade stand, that’s fantastic. You may employ that one. If not, don’t hesitate to buy one and think about where you will place it because once you settle the entire kit inside your home, it will be harder to move due to its consistent weight.

120 gallon stocking suggestions:

What size is your 120 gallon aquarium? What is your water hardness in terms of German degrees? It will tell you what fish are best: soft-water or hard-water species. If you’re unsure where you are (town name only), check your water company’s website. What are the dimensions? One hundred twenty gallons is a lot. Is it 6 or longer? If so, the Bala Shark will be OK. You need at least six. I wouldn’t keep rainbows with them, as rainbows (and redtail blacks) tend to get aggressive with similar-shaped fish. You’d need at least weekly and a 25% change.Here’s how things are set up right now.

a six-foot-long, best 120 gallon aquarium. MarineLand and Rena-API are two different kinds of filters.

Livestock:2 x Bala Shark2 x Rainbow Shark2 x Rope Fish6 x Tiger Barb1 x Angel Fish1 x White Crayfish (Extremely friendly)10 x Zebra Nitrate Snail

All of the fish get along well with each other and don’t bite or chase each other. Everyone is getting enough to eat. I am very happy that my Balas should be in groups of at least five, and preferably six or more.Even in a 6-foot tank, 2 rainbow sharks can be a problem if they aren’t a pair. If you want to retain your nerites, avoid getting loaches. I would add more tiger barbs; a group of 20 would be nice. I’d still be careful around the cray.

Can a 120 gallon aquarium be safely placed on my floor?

Aquariums that hold up to 55 gallons of water can be put almost anywhere without much worry or trouble. There are many tanks bigger than 55 gallons that can be used, as long as they are put in a safe place and your floors don’t have major problems like buckles or sags.

The question is whether or not the floor deflection will be sufficient to eventually crack your tank. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as the weight is distributed across multiple joists.

How to maintain a 120 gallon aquarium:

Most of the benefits of having a big marine aquarium that is easy to clean and has water conditions that are good for all kinds of marine life are obvious. Having people over to look at your fish tank can be fun, so it’s important to get a best 120 gallon aquariums with the right filtration, lighting, pumps, and other equipment. For aquarium stands, there are primarily two categories. The first type is made to go right on the ground. For this kind of stand to sit directly on the floor, it needs to be at least six inches deep.The second kind of stand is made to be hung from a single or multiple stands that go up high. Small families will be fine with an aquarium that holds about sixty gallons. The best size tank for tropical fish that will live there for a long time is 150 gallons. If you put a small tank next to a large one, they will both grow. Many hobbyists buy aquariums that look like a half moon or quarter moon.A workshop group could buy ready-made aquarium kits. Buying an aquarium kit is a lot cheaper than starting from scratch. But they can’t be changed or hold tropical fish unless the aquarium is set up correctly. People who want unique fish tanks often choose custom-built aquariums.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Do you know how many fish you can fit in a 120 gallon tank?

So, how many fish can be kept in a reef that has a lot of fish? Obviously, it depends on how big your tank is and what tools you have. I’ve had no trouble keeping eight or nine large fish in a best 120 gallon aquarium with a 50 gallon sump.

What is the weight of a best 120 gallon glass aquarium?

When full of freshwater, a standard glass 120 gallon fish tank that measures 48″ by 24″ by 24″ will weigh about 1,054 pounds.

What kind of glass is Starfire?

SC Aquariums 120 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium-Photo Illustration for aquarium viewing panels. Starfire glass is the brand name for a low-iron, high-clarity glass. To avoid confusion, the term “Starfire” may be used to describe any aquarium made of low-iron glass in the same way that Kleenex is used for facial tissues.

What exactly is overflow?

The sump is a separate tank that sits beneath the main tank in most reef aquariums. The overflow is a series of pipes that return the water from the sump to the aquarium. ou can see the black cover in this picture as the aquarium’s overflow in this particular tank.

Where is the overflow coming from, and how loud is it? Right now, I’m dealing with an extremely annoying hang-on overflow. Is a built-in one quieter than an external one?

If you let it fill up, it will be very quiet. 5 inches from the safety overflow. To make it quieter, I’ve seen attachments that don’t fill it up, but there isn’t much room for your hand in there.

Is there a black background on the side with the overflow? 

Yes, it comes with a black background as a standard feature, and it’s easy to see in the photo.

Is the back around the edges only for photos?

Black silicone is used for all of the seams.

What is the purpose of the small slits/holes on the overflow box’s front face?

The slits in the bottom will aid in the flow of the liquid. Glass panels behind the overflow box help prevent an overflow into the sump in the event that the power or return pump fails.

I’ve left several voicemails and have yet to receive a response. How do I contact a representative from customer service?

They responded quickly when I wrote them an email via their website. SCA

Is it safe to keep turtles in this tank?

It’s too tall for turtles; you’ll need something between 14 and 16 inches tall instead.

2. toyuto 22.8″ x 22.8″ Aquarium Fish Tank 120 Gallon Acrylic Divider Isolation Board (Suction Cup No Included)(120 Gallon)

Acrylic fish tank dividers allow people to divide their aquarium into separate compartments. They can be used to create a natural environment for the fish and to create different visual effects. These dividers are a great addition to large aquariums that are over 55 gallon tanks. It is constructed of transparent, premium acrylic. The holes are the right size to let water flow well but stop big fish from getting from one side of the tank to the other. They’re made of acrylic and are the right size for a best 120 gallon aquarium, which is 22.8″ x 22.8″. Scrubbing with a soft cloth Take off the white plastic paper covering the surface before using it. It also has two effects: day and night. They make the holes smaller than before. The hole is 5 mm, and they’re 1/8 inch thick. Check the size of your fish. Your fish may be able to go through if they are smaller than this. There might be a little space for a suction cup to hold the divider. I think you can seal it with tape or small soft things. They can also be changed to fit what you need. I know Betta fish are aggressive, so they must be kept apart. The divider works like a charm. I bought suction cups separately since they aren’t included. The seller does offer suction cups, but they are black. I prefer clear suction cups for my aquarium. Getting more positive feedback from customers is quick and easy to set up. No, there are no suction cups included. So don’t assume they know. They tell you that it doesn’t. But they do sell them separately. I was surprised when I realized that the sand in my tank and the big rocks held them in place well. So I don’t need the suction cups, though I’m glad I have them. Make certain to position it in the center of the water pump. It’s full of holes, but you can imagine that the current in the tank drops a lot. The suction cups will cost you more.

3. Aquarium Lid – Glass Canopy Two Piece Set for 80 Gallon, 120 Gallon, & 150 Gallon Aquariums 48″ Long x 24″ Wide (48×24) with A Center Brace by Aquarium Masters Aquariums, Deep Blue & More, AM34824

How do you know what kind of canopy you require? What is the capacity of your tank? What is the name of the brand? What is the capacity in gallons? But if you don’t know what brand your aquarium is, it’s easy to find the right glass canopy for your tank by following these steps. I’m talking about the canopy made by the Aquarium Master, and this is the center brace. Does your aquarium have a center brace? To order the correct canopy, you must know this. The canopy comes with an aquarium that has a center brace. pair. If your aquarium doesn’t have center support, you will need to brace the canopy. It will only come with one canopy set that fits the aquarium’s opening. If your aquarium has a center brace, you will need to measure the length from one side of the tank to the center brace and the width from the lip of the inside opening of your aquarium, where the canopy will sit, to get measurements that are within 1/16 of an inch. Do this for each part of the tank that the center brace divides. You can measure the whole length of your aquarium if it doesn’t have a center brace. Also, remember to measure from where people can rest inside the aquarium. Every canopy comes with a 2-inch-wide strip of plastic on the back that can be cut to make room for an airline to a heater or other gear.How to order your canopy. Now that you know how big your tank is, you can go online and place an order for your canopy. Using the measurements you took, you will need to find the best glass canopy that fits your aquarium. After finding the glass canopy, you can choose between a tank with or without a center brace. Check your measurements again and compare them to the dimensions. Blue-spotted glass canopies will help keep your fish safe and lower the cost of keeping your water clean. Many fish in your aquarium can jump out, and they probably will. Because of many things, this is something that almost all fish can do.In the same way, a cover for an aquarium will keep things from falling into the tank. If you have young kids or pets, this could be an important thing to think about. If you put anything above the tank, the same thing will happen. With a cover, less water evaporates, so you won’t lose as much water as quickly. The water can be pretty clear when it’s warm. Minerals may be left behind when the water dries up. It quickly leads to “salt creep,” when everything nearby gets covered in a thick layer of salt. If not maintained clean, even freshwater tanks may begin to seem unclean. Measure the tank’s opening to the nearest 1/16 of an inch before buying it. Because the glass isn’t tempered, your fish won’t get hurt. The plastic strip on the back can hold heaters, airline tubing, and other tools. Each canopy has a handle, edges, and a hinge, and it can be opened. Glass canopies for rimless aquariums are available. Since we put the top on our tank, we are losing less water to the air. It has a plastic clip that is 12″ long and a plastic handle. Keep the water level in your fish tank at a healthy level. They also sell tops made of glass for aquariums that don’t have rims. Please don’t put anything heavy on it because it might not be strong enough.

4. SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium 60x24x24 12mm Eurobraced with Built-in Overflow Box

The Best Features: Dimensions are perfect.EurobracedStarFire (Low Iron) Glass Tank Pros:It will work for freshwater and saltwater both.The canister filter works perfectly.You can get a glass lip (2 pieces) or a mess top lip.The product includes free shipping.They provide a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.A level mat is included with the tank.94% customer satisfaction.

Cons:It does not feature a stand and needs to be purchased separately.

For new pet owners, the 150 gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium from SC Aquariums is an excellent gift option. It’s a 300-pound glass rectangle. The front 3 panels use 12mm low iron glass. DIY may change the background. The black background is removable vinyl. Your neighbor’s underwater home is fun to watch. Imagine their joy. Do we use our guest car, or are they taking it? Kilimanjaro designers know trouble is inevitable, but they know how to put a mommy at ease by giving only the greatest things. SC Aquariums’ 150 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium meets the highest quality requirements. The star form of this strong rectangular aquarium is strengthened. 60x24x24″ with a 1/16″ tolerance is the outer dimension. It includes tank plumbing. three 1″ return nozzles, one drain pipe, and one return T pipe. This huge tank’s purpose: family, friends, and visitors’ entertainment! Too little light causes species to cycle in darkness, while too much bleaches lower colonies and reefs. For custom overflow, contact SC Aquariums. The 150 gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium is made of corrosion-resistant ABS plastic. The tank’s snap-in overflow prevents inadvertent leaks. It has an LED light for even lighting without disturbing fish during “daytime.” This aquarium has dual live rock filters for maximum performance. Because you deserve it, a marine salt mix lets you search for reefs or any other type of tank layout you want. All return and drain piping can be connected to the built-in overflow box. If desired, the aquarium can be wall-mounted. You can adapt your canister filter to the overflow box. We have a 16-shadowy synergy. Include plumbing instructions. There are three holes. Open tanks have easier pH maintenance. Use the middle hole as a return (attach to the canister filter’s output), then the left or right hole as the drain. The RMS mount doesn’t work. I need a left-to-right mount. This tank requires a sump or canister. 180 gallon sizes are 72x24x24″ (15mm Eurobraced) or 60x24x29″ (15mm Eurobraced). SAIA or R&L use it for domestic transportation. The vinyl-covered black background is detachable. They’re topless. The glass is three-sided. The black glass panel’s fourth side is 24″ deep and 24″ tall. The overflow box can connect two or more tanks. SCH40 1 “all plumbing connections” I don’t see why the merchant would sell an insufficient tank. No leaks or problems yet. The plumbing was sufficient for the herbie system. I’ll contact SC Aquariums to get a cover for the overflow box and/or an aquarium lid before adding fish. Overall, a good purchase. If you’re unsure, the back is black. I bought one shot without a black back. Heavy-duty glass, solid construction. Palletized and well-boxed The reef setup can be simply skipped. quality glasswork. Water drops below the overflow line in the because the overflow box isn’t sealed. very tiny leak. I built the platform to hold my sump, ATO, and electrical, and it came with a lever mat. Other firms were substantially more expensive for the same tank. I recommend this tank to anyone who wants a tidy setup, not just a big tank. SC AQUARIUM Thanks again. There’s no way to attach lights to the tank’s rim. SC Aquariums have the best quality low-iron glass tanks at the best prices. This tank is great. The euro brace isn’t overlapped as seen in one photo. Even the euro brace is beveled. The thicker glass with black acrylic panels is prettier than the plastic overflow boxes. It came with PVC pipes, elbows, and a real union ball valve to produce a Herbie overflow, which is silent. No water is running.

5. JAJALE Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light Pump Freshwater Filter Upright Fishtank Stand Bundle Ultra Clear Tempered Glass with Complete Aquarium Setup

The Best Features:

Painted glass and titanium aluminum alloy.

Ultra-clear tempered glass with built-in filtration

Corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, and upkeep

Aquarium All of the glass is held together by a biophilic silica gel created in Germany.

They have been making high-quality aquariums and water pumps in America, Europe, and Oceania since 1999. The Titanium-Aluminum frame, the eco-filtration sump, and the ultra-clear tempered glass set us apart.

Jajale is proud of its excellent aquatic products and its ability to make custom orders to fit any need. The frames of Jajale aquariums are made of aluminum, which is more durable than plywood. The acrylic panels match the color of your furniture.

Our display tanks use high-quality glass. This aquarium has tempered glass, LED lights, filter media, a strong pump, and a wet/dry box. Our aquariums have a sump that adds water volume. Adding water volume reduces changes in water quality and gives beneficial bacteria a place to live.

The latest water pumps and bottom filtration tanks make aquariums easy to care for. Care and installation directions are included. They have a hidden filtration system, so tubes and wires won’t interrupt your ecosystem.

Our tanks have a strong frame made of titanium and magnesium. No media It would help if you had filter batting for the first section (the top bin of the left tank), ceramic (in bags) for the second, and activated charcoal for the third.

The pumps, JD4500 and JD5500, are sold individually on the right side of the filter tank. This set comes with a lid to stop jumping fish. You may change the appearance by turning on one of the two LEDs. I have four Phillips Play light bars in the hood, above the tank, set to turn on automatically. Tank heaters The base cabinet and sump are put together.The pipes from the tank go to the sump. Both saltwater and freshwater are used in the same way. My tank is filled with fresh water; it is not a saltwater aquarium. There’s no metal on the outside. Except for the pump wires, everything that touches the water in different protein skimmers is made of glass or plastic. Cabinet UV sterilizers and filters for cabinet sump can be kept in cabinets. Inside the stand is the tank that cleans the water. If you turn off the pump and the heater, the water level in the main tank should go down and the sump should fill up. Not Much time will pass. If not, something is stopping it up. If it falls, there is no clog, but the pump is blocking the drain. With the pump intake knob, you can slow down how fast the pump works.Most likely, sand stopped up the drain tube. Turn off the pump and heater, and then drain the water from the sump and top tanks. Cover the return tube with the bucket. To get rid of sand, pour water down the drain through a funnel. In the sump crate was the pump for the aquarium. It is brought to your first-floor front door or garage. Inside delivery costs more.

Pros:The tank works for freshwater as well as saltwater aquariums and is made of very durable crystal glass.The surface is scratch and fingerprint resistant as well as acid and alkali resistant.To resist saltwater erosion, the fish tank’s frame is entirely made from metal.Included is a professional tri-color aquatic LED light source.The water is kept clean for a long time with this filter.It can last up to 20 years without succumbing to saltwater erosion.Fish tanks have a 3-year warranty.A triple filtration system is built into the cabinet’s filtration sump, which is made of aluminum.

Cons:The stand is not included and must be ordered separately.

6. JAJALE Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light Pump Freshwater Filter Upright Fishtank Stand Bundle Ultra Clear Tempered Glass with Complete Aquarium Setup

The best-looking, Rectangular fish tank. High-quality tempered glass fish tanks are all designed in a modern simple way. It’s easy to see the aquatic plants in all their glory. You can see the fish swimming in front of you with ease. With a better immersive experience, you can provide a luxurious hideaway for your pet’s aquatic creatures. JAJALE brand has various colored fish tanks. built-in lighting for a fish tank. The LED light pump in this aquarium is completely customizable! Colorful sunsets and sunrises on the coast can be recreated with a variety of hues! The Jajale Aquarium Fish Tank is a modern take on the fish tank, bringing aquatic life into any setting while still keeping it accessible and simple to use.More tank space Triple overflow bottom filtration grows bacteria for better filtration and eliminates water changes. Physical/biochemical filters, a 360-degree roll filter, and a water pump. Aquarists will love the JAJALE Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light Pump. Home or away, fish is delicious. Changeable lights and pumps are inexpensive. JAJALE Aquarium Fish Tank LED Light Pump is in stock. 315 lbs. 1000 liters, 0.40-inch glass. The aquarium’s LED light pump is powerful. The kit contains everything you need to transform your aquarium. This kit’s aluminum is sturdy. The tank is covered by a warranty for 3 years, and all the electric parts are covered for 1 year. This review covers the 130 gal system’s 110 gal tank and 20 gal sump. Not a beginner’s setup. For assemblers, it’s simple. Missing or unclear assembly instructions. After two weeks, I picked up the tank. The tank, stand, and glass were flawless after unpacking and pre-assembly inspection. The seller promptly sent the missing part. 100% leak-test pass. The sump filters mechanically, biologically, and chemically. Cabinet, 1188 GPH, 35W pump, and filter media included. Water pump noise is 20 to 90 db. It’s been testing for a week. Leak-free. Lovely glass. base metal. Easy-to-install plumbing is supplied. heater needed. Its appearance and quality earned 5 stars. easy-to-setup tank. Instructions were poorly translated, but videos are online. Everything was tight. Nice base, fittings.Light: LED lights designed for professionals that have a variety of different light effects and a color scheme of red, white, and blue. Lights that save energy and are made of LED technology, can withstand water and heat, and are sealed against moisture.

  • Day lightPink lightBlue light
  • Dual lighting system

The standard model is a single-lamp, double-row LED lamp with three light effects that can be changed by pressing the button on the remote control three times. Day, pink, and blue are the colors of the upgraded models. Each of the two LED lights can be turned on and off separately.Cleaning: This beautiful tank makes it easy to keep fish healthy. Please take out the filtration system, wash it, and then put it back in before adding water. This tank has the following sections: zone 1.

  • wet/dry filter zone.A physical filter tankBiological filter zoneAlso, a 360 degree rolling filter

Also, the fish tank has a bottom cabinet with open doors.Frame: Sturdy aluminum frame. The frame of the bottom filter cabinet is made of a reinforced aircraft aluminum alloy. It has glass doors with a lacquer surface. It’s watertight, won’t rust, and has a rigid design that makes it the most durable thing you can find. Length is set by the number of beams madescreen-stylem alloy that are used. Illustration of a 1.5 meter cabinet.

  • Folding screen-style bottom cabinet The standardization has two sides.It is convenient configure how you wish

Filtration: Filtering venient Filtering box for dry/wet. The box does not have to be completely under water (see diagram below). Water flows in through the top lid, goes through the filtration system, and then drains out of the bottom. This also helps keep the water from getting dirty. The water is very clear and clean because of the 360-degree filtration system. The filtration is perfect because it has an outlet, a waterfall, a wave pump, filter media, and an upflow pump.

  • It is recommended to change 2/3 of the water 1-3 times a year. 
  • Fish can live longer thanks to this filtration system! has
  • A dry/wet separation box is not included with the 80cm fish tank
  • Reduced dripping noises
  • Dynamic 360-deg than the rolling nanometer filtration display

Pros:High-quality tempered glass with ultra clarityElectrophoretic metal frame with a matte finishResistant to scratches and fingerprints20-year saltwater erosion resistanceProfessional LED lighting source with three colors for waterIt can breed marine life, corals, Arowanas, aquatic plants, and landscape water features.Bases are supported by a multiple-alloy frame that resists tension, deformities and wear.Heavy duty submersible water pumpEco-friendly robust filtering feature built-inTitanium magnesium aluminum alloy edgeDry and wet separation drip boxFeatures a bigger space for filtration system to nitrify bacteriaWear & acid base resistant with high safety

Cons:Poor assembly instructionsNot for Beginners

Pro Tips

  • Environmental Temperature – Keeping your aquarium at optimal temperature will save on energy costs and extend its lifespan (and hence reduce maintenance costs later on).

You should definitely consider this factor when selecting any kind of aquarium (though generally speaking, most people stick with tanks that match their home’s temperature).If you live where winters aren’t very harsh, then consider using heaters instead of radiators during cold months; otherwise, bring an air conditioner with you! The reason why we need hot.

  • Your lights are on for a long time through the day, if the plants don’t have enough nutrients for them to take up during the lighting period they will start to lose leaves etc I would reduce your lighting to 6-8hours to start.

I have mine set on timers and they pulse on and off throughout the day for a few hours at a time.The space in between when the lights are out the plants will release co2 instead of oxygen which is also something the plants require.It’s a balance between the lights and available nutrients.Also clip off any browning leaves as they will inhibit the growth of new leaves and the plant in general.So, I am going to ask you experienced old timers for advice on my lighting setup. 2x jewel 54 watt high lite, which is just a fancy term for HO i believe.120 gallon tank, 151cm L 51cm W Dosing atm flourish excel, Nutrients are on point.The simple question IS THIS ENOUGH LIGHT? All this WPG malarkey and people slating/using it is rather confusing.I am asking this because when I got my new plants from the store they were noticeably greener than what they are now.They are doing fine, new growth etc, even runners! But I’m concerned if they could be doing better. I would consider it enough light, especially since you aren’t using proper CO2 injection.Plants invariably change their appearance once planted in the aquarium. The most common reason being that the majority of aquarium plants sold are in fact marginals, and are grown immersed (leaves out of water) by the suppliers.Once fully submerged the plants often take on a different appearance as new leaves emerge. Some Echinodorus species and hygrophila difformis are good examples of this.Most plant problems are caused by other deficiencies (flow, CO2, nutrients) rather than insufficient light.

ConclusionBefore spending, outline your vision. The tank can hold multiple fish or just one. Do you already have plants and other aquarium necessities, or will you be shopping? Consider where you’ll put this gallon. This massive size isn’t for beginners but can challenge pros. This size can house exotic fishes and plants, but aquascaping is key. Consider the tank’s filter and heater. Even if it’s working, it won’t be efficient if it’s not powerful enough. Also needed are aquarium lights, pumps, and a vacuum. Any aquarist’s dream is to bring home a best 120 gallon aquarium and fill it with life and beauty. These aquariums demand a lot of time, effort, and dedication, but the results are usually rewarding. Watching your aquarium can be oddly satisfying. It’s a peaceful way to end a stressful day or week. You get credit for creating a thriving marine world.